Deport and detention of imigrants foreigners in Turkey

Deport and detention of imigrants, foreigners in Turkey

Deport and detention of imigrants foreigners in Turkey
How to get out from deport or detention in Turkey?

Best option is urgently contact with a lawyer. Because Turkey’s imigration policy is very strict in last a few months.

These centers have harsh conditions. Most of our clients complain about bad conditions and also uncertain rumors about how to get out. As all over the World deportation centers are worse than jails. No one accepted to visit you except your same surname relatives and lawyers. Also there is a strict permission to reach telephones.

The administrative detention decision is usually based on evidence that suggests the individual poses a threat to national security or public safety. But the governorships do not explain the reason exactly.

Only way to cancel your deporttion is to application to courts, sue about the governorship decisions.

Both for fast and reliable solution, you must hire a lawyer, attorney at law. Most people wonder about lawyer fees fort his process, it depends on you situation from 1000 USD to 3000 USD.

Deport and detention of imigrants-- foreigners in Turkey
Deport and detention of imigrants– foreigners in Turkey

How long you can stay in deportation center in Turkey

It is 6 months + 6 months according to Turkish laws. You have to object the decision by sue against governorship.

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