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deport lawyer

Deport Lawyer, because of the raising numbers of imigrants and foreigners in Turkey, governorships easily make a legal decision about deportation and administrative detention about foreigners.

First of all its because of the latest government policies, after dramatically inrease in foreigners in Turkey.

Also consider that this is not a judgamental issue, it is political issue.

It is possible to object both deportation and administrative detention.

Objection to deportation

To object the decision of deportation is possible. The only way to object is sue against government. The deportation decision stops with this by itself, then the court decides if it is legal or not. You have to follow this step with a lawyer, because it is not easy for both objection and following the right steps.

Objection to administrative detention

Object against administrative detention is also possible. It is also not easy way, you have to again sue against government. Opening a case this time doesn’t stop administrative detention decision, but in five days courts have to reply to your objection. You have to find a lawyer for this process also.

What if residence permit or visa finished?

If your visa or residence permit finished, if you catch by officers in any identity check, or any identity used operations, you will be sent to deportation centers in Turkey. You also have to pay the penalty for passing the deadlines. Penalty fees depends your nationality and the number of days you passed the deadlines. If you are not caught yet, you can leave Turkey and come back, residence permits mostly are not given for whom passed the deadlines.

Getting out from deportation centers

If you or beloved ones sentenced to deportation centers in Turkey, first you have to find a lawyer. It is better to find lawyers working oftenly about this issues. We provide legal solutions, but keep in mind that it is not certain that objections always accepted.

Power of attorney for lawyers

You can give power of attorney to any lawyers you will work. Noteries come to deportation centers, and you can give power of attorney.

List Of Deportation Refoulament And Administrative Detention Centers İn Turkey click to get information.


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