DetentIon center lawyer Selimpaşa Silivri

Detention center lawyer Selimpaşa Silivri

Detention center lawyer Selimpaşa Silivri, for those in the deportation center in Selimpaşa Silivri and facing deportation, it is necessary to have a lawyer. If you have a relative in Selimpaşa Silivri deportation center, urgent assistance from a lawyer is required. Individuals held here cannot personally appeal the deportation decision made against them; such appeals are handled in courts.

Options in the deportation center

There are two options in deportation centers. The first option is to appeal the decision made about you and wait for the result. After applying to the court for this appeal, a decision is usually made within 5 business days (typically one week). If the appeal is not accepted, you will continue to stay in the deportation center. The second option is to buy a plane ticket and leave Turkey. However, even if you leave Turkey, a criminal case related to the legal incident you were involved in may be initiated. To avoid penalties in this criminal case, it is necessary to follow up on your file. Additionally, you will have a 5-year entry ban to Turkey, which also needs to be appealed.
As can be understood, whether you appeal or decide to leave Turkey, working with a lawyer is crucial. There are individuals who stay in deportation centers for months, and the conditions in these centers are not favorable.

Detention center lawyer Selimpaşa Silivri
Detention center lawyer Selimpaşa Silivri

Silivri Selimpaşa Lawyer

We provide legal services for those in the Selimpaşa Silivri deportation center. Legal fees range from 1000 USD to 3000 USD.Call for imigration lawyer, attorney at law

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