Find a company lawyer in Turkey

Find a lawyer in Turkey

How can you find a company lawyer in Turkey? When dealing with debt lawsuits, contract disputes, or starting a new commercial venture, you may need assistance from a lawyer. In short, as a foreigner, completing your business and transactions in Turkey with the help of a lawyer is the safest approach.

Lawyer fees are acceptable In Turkey

Lawyer fees in Turkey are generally lower than in other countries, and lawyers can face severe penalties for mistakes. We strongly recommend working with a lawyer for your official business and transactions in Turkey.

First step: Clearly state the area in which you need legal support. You can establish communication with a lawyer via email. If you want a quick response, most people in Turkey use the Whatsapp application. You can get much faster replies through Whatsapp.

Second step: Inquire about the fees To avoid surprises later, gather information about the lawyer’s fees beforehand. In Turkey, lawyers usually require upfront payment for their services.

Third step: Grant a power of attorney to the lawyer To enable lawyers to act on your behalf and handle your business and transactions, a power of attorney is necessary. In Turkey, you can obtain a power of attorney from notaries within the country, and from Turkish consulates outside of Turkey.

to contact with an attorney at law in Turkey:

Contact us from +90 532 263 86 59 (Call or whatsapp)

Phone : +90 532 263 86 59

Find a company lawyer in Turkey
Find a company lawyer in Turkey

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