Find A Lawyer In Istanbul

Find A Lawyer In Istanbul

How to find and hire a lawyer in Istanbul? There are a lot of English speaking lawyers in Istanbul. If you want to find and hire one, you are in right place.

Find an English speaking lawyer in Istanbul

Our founding lawyer Cem Akyazı, can speak English. We have 5 lawyers and 3 layer interns in our office. We provide fast and easy solution for any legal issues.

Strongest side of our law office

Strongest side of our law office is the friendly costumer service. You can ask about any legal issues, you can contact by phone, whatsapp or mail.

Lawyer fees, pay as you go service

About lawyer fees in Turkey, in Istanbul you can check our link below. Our pay as you go strategy, you will be informed about the cost for our service from the beginning. No surprise fees you will be charged.

English speaking mediator in Istanbul, in Turkey

Our founder Cem Akyazı is also a mediator, registered at Turkish Ministry of Justice. If you are searching for English speaking mediator, our office will also help you.

English speaking Mediation firm in Istanbul

According to Turkish Law, mediation firms are not allowed yet. It is spoken that legislation is on process but not yet allowed. Mediation in Turkey still going on mediators individually, who are registered in Turkish Ministry of Justice. for an English speakin mediation call us.

How to trust a lawyer, a mediator in Turkey?

If you are already working with a lawyer or a mediator from Turkey, we advise you to check his licence from below links. Please do not find or hire from advertisements, because advertising is legally forbidden in Turkey for both mediation and lawyers.

You can check the licence of lawyer legally from the Istanbul Bar Association link below

You can check the licence of mediator legally from the Turkish Ministry of Justice link below

Professionalism in any case

We have a great law team and in any legal issues, we provide the cooperative service for you.

Better call Saul in Istanbul, Turkey.

We have also seen the serie but the lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey do not work like Mr. Goodman. However we may can find some easy ways. For a solid representation better call us!

Lawyer in İstanbul
Lawyer in İstanbul

Find A Lawyer In Istanbul


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