Objection to deportation decision in Turkey

Objection to deportation decision in Turkey

Objection to deportation decision in Turkey.

Deportation, also known as removal or expulsion, is the process by which a government or immigration authority forces an individual to leave a country.

Deportation typically occurs when an individual is in the country illegally, or has violated the terms of their visa or other immigration status.

The process of deportation can vary depending on the circumstances of the case. In some countries, an individual may be given the opportunity to leave voluntarily before being forcibly removed. In other cases, the individual may be arrested and detained pending deportation.

If you are in deportation center in Turkey, you are pending deportation.

The deportation process usually starts with a notice of deportation, which is issued by the immigration authorities. The notice typically includes the reasons for deportation and the individual’s rights, such as the right to appeal the decision. The individual may also be given a certain time period to pack their belongings and prepare for their departure. The deportation order can be appealed in some cases, but the process can be difficult and lengthy.

In Turkey deportation decisions given for 6 months, and can be expand one more 6 months.

Moreover, in some countries, the deportation orders are final and cannot be appealed, and the individual may be detained pending deportation. In Turkey you can sue against deportation decision, and deportation process will stop until judge make decision.

Objection to deportation decision in Turkey
Objection to deportation decision in Turkey

Deportation can have serious consequences for individuals and their families, as it can disrupt their lives and result in separation from loved ones. It can also result in economic hardship and difficulty in finding housing and employment in the country of destination. It’s important to note that Deportation is a controversial issue, as it can be seen as a violation of human rights, particularly the right to freedom of movement. Deportation of refugees and asylum seekers can be particularly controversial, as it can result in their return to a country where they may face persecution.

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